Online Resources

Recommended Apps:

  • Staff Wars (music notation game)
  • Tunable (Tuner app)
  • Pro Metronome
  • MSO Learn
  • Musicnotes Desks (Music notation flashcards app)
  • Flash note Derby (Music notation game)
  • AnyTune (app to slow down or speed up pieces of music/ transpose the song into different keys)
  • iReal Pro
  • Circle Theory 
  • Karajan (Aural Training app)
  • Ear Trainer Lite (Free Aural training app)
  • Tenuto (Aural training app)
  • Relative Pitch Free Interval training
  • Drum Beats and Rhythm

Aural Training Websites:

Theory Training Websites:

Organisations/Ensembles of interest:

Online Stores:

Other websites: